Fleet Tracking Application

Cinnova developed a fleet tracking platform to maximize efficiency by providing real-time logistics activity and communications to service providers responsible for managing large fleets.

Event Operations Management

Cinnova developed an integrated mobile platform to automate various Backoffice operations for a growing event management company. Operations include event management, field operations, event registration, field check-ins, Inventory management and other workflows. This app has significantly improved business scalability allowing organizers to manage large events without needing additional headcount.

Enterprise Inventory Tracking

Cinnova developed an advanced Asset Tracking and Inventory Management platform that allows enterprises to track and manage their assets real-time at any warehouse location. Platform included an app for handheld scanner devices and a web inventory platform.

IoT Enabled Inventory Management

Cinnova built an IoT enabled cloud based, highly-scalable, centralized inventory management platform that provides retailers the ability to view real-time actionable reports of shelf inventory as it is dispensed across entire network of stores.

Smart Home Strategy

Cinnova partnered with a non-profit (for the developmentally disabled) to develop a ground-breaking service to enable people who are living with developmental disabilities to live more independently, while receiving the support they need. Through a combination of software, sensors and IoT automation, the non-profit will remotely monitor and support residents inside and outside of their homes. Cinnova’s Technology Strategy team has led the requirements identification and technology analysis to help create a first-of its-kind platform that will form the foundation for this life-changing service.