Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs, so we understand what your startup needs for a successful launch, including product development, entrepreneur guidance, and most importantly the capital required to debut your platform. Our experienced team is well-versed in the startup culture. We value creative problem solving, innovative ideas, open communication, honesty, and integrity. If you meet these requirements, let’s talk.

How We Work

Cinnova Ventures delivers more than just rapid app development. We work with entrepreneurs and lean engineering teams, providing them with coaching and guidance. As a portfolio company of Cinnova Ventures you will have access to the following benefits.

1. Investment Partnerships

Many entrepreneurs have great ideas for technology products or services, but only a small percentage have sufficient experience and/or capital to invest in full scale development. Often, entrepreneurs find that the bulk of their capital raise required to launch their company is targeted for building engineering teams and hiring developers. Cinnova Ventures tailors the right project management and development resources to help bring their ideas to life—with a variable expense model for rapid and economically scaled development.

Cinnova Ventures may offer flexible investment terms. These agreements could include initial discounts or ongoing reduced development rates in exchange for equity. Cinnova Ventures is an active participant in the regional startup eco-system and can provide access to our wide network of accelerators and investors.

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2. Technology Leadership

With years of expert architectural and technology development experience, we work with closely with entrepreneurs and their technology teams to ensure they are building a scalable product that will appeal to potential investors and customers. One of our earliest startups was acquired by a Fortune 100 entity and the early platforms developed by Cinnova still being used on a national scale.

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3. Entrepreneurship Guidance

Our team leverages and shares the spirit of our own experience to help guide entrepreneurs through the crucial early stages of the startup stage including refining new ideas, effective technology strategy, and learning strategies for growth. This timeless experience and wisdom can be crucial to achieve startup success.

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Client Testimonial

Jim Hewitt, CEO of Yada Data Studio shares his company’s experience working with Cinnova.

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