Core Expertise

Software Project Rescue

Managing software projects can be challenging. When projects veer off track due to resource turnover, missed deadlines or scope creep killing your budget, we know the drill. We have received many 911 calls to rescue off the rails software projects to bring them back to life. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to get your project back on track by either supplementing or substituting your team with our expert team and agile process.

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Startup Partnership Program

Well-versed in startup culture, we understand what entrepreneurs demand and what startup needs for a successful launch. We provide more than a rapid app development. We provide on-site coaching and mentorship for entrepreneurs and lean engineering teams. Prototype with us or we can pick up where others left off to accelerate your ideas into reality.

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Discovery Studio

Not sure where to start, or how much to invest in a solution? Gather your best ideas and your most skeptical stakeholders to walk-through requirements, watch your prototype in action and examine the pathway to success. We cover this and more in sessions led by our expert facilitators, designers and developers. Go from wondering what’s possible to knowing before investing more.

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Enterprise Mobility

Lost in technical debt? Customers demanding more than ever before? We make complex technology elegant and simple-to-use with strategic and innovative mobile apps. With enterprise mobility solutions from Cinnova in place, your entire enterprise can re-focus on your core business.

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Product Development

We carefully listen to all your needs before recommending solutions. Our approach has been proven time and again, and can be measured by our fanatic customer base. We stay abreast of all the latest technologies so that you can be assured of meeting the business goals that are top of mind. Advances in cyber-security, scalability and customer demands for data are driving your business to a new age, and we’re here to help.

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Enterprise Solutions

If you’re curious about embarking toward high-value solutions to meet raging customer demands, visualizing your data and thwarting possible business risk, Cinnova has experts to help. Our enterprise solutions focus on optimizing business efficiency, creating process improvements and workflow automation. We harness the data in a big way and display it with reports via dashboards and more, using tools like Microsoft Platform. By leveraging tools like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Business Intelligence, get ready to meet your organizational goals and strategy.

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Client Testimonial

See what some of our clients say about their experience working with Cinnova.

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