Announcing a transformative partnership

Revere & Cinnova
Join Forces For
Plant Modernization Solutions

Digital transformation is now available
to Revere Customers!

Announcing a Transformative Partnership

Revere Electric Supply Co. and Cinnova® Technologies join forces to provide a cutting-edge solution for plant
modernization and digital transformation.

Rapid Decision Making

Experience quick and informed
decision-making with our integrated solutions designed to enhance manufacturing processes. 

Data Synthesis Automation

Ensure your manufacturing data works for
you. Discover our automated processes for
swift information synthesis. Transform raw
data into actionable insights effortlessly.

Tailored Digital Solutions

Cinnova’s expertise in designing
sophisticated digital, mobile, and web
solutions tailored to your manufacturing
needs. From seamless data gathering.

Collaborative Excellence

By combining Revere Electric Supply’s legacy of excellence on the plant floor with Cinnova’s prowess in software customization, we offer an integrated, cost-effective solution for plant modernization. Our focus is on long-term viability and adherence to industry standards. 

About Cinnova

At Cinnova, we offer more value than just a delivered piece of software. Adept at the latest technologies, we help clients keep pace with changing business needs. Cinnova’s expertise offers new, efficient processes that hold up over time, reduce operational costs and increase revenue opportunities to help you scale.

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